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Your Guide to Learning Resources: Using IT in the centres

Username & Password

Your college username is displayed on your ID card ie. U10******

Your password is initially your date of birth, this will need to be inputted as an 8 number format ie. 01091996.

After the initial log on; you can reset your password by using Ctrl,Alt Delete and selecting 'change a password'

If you forget your password and are unable to log on please speak to a member of the LR staff at the helpdesk and we will reset your password for you.

You will need to produce your college ID card for this service.

PCs in the Learning Resource Centres

The Learning Resources Centres have PCs in various areas and are zoned to suit a variety of study needs.

The computers in each Learning Resources Centre are generally available for you to use on a ‘drop-in’ basis.  However, should you wish, you may reserve a desktop computer in advance by using a service called MyPC.

Facilities available for the following study areas:

  • Open access - desktop PC's,
  • Silent working areas - desktop PC's,
  • Study carrels - laptop or surface tablet,
  • Group study tables - laptop or surface tablet,
  • HE area - desktop PC's, laptop or surface tablet.

Office 365/Accessing E-mail Account

Wigan and Leigh College are now offering our staff and students free access to the latest online Microsoft Office products

Once you have set up your office 365 account you will be able to take advantage of - Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote in real time, anywhere, any time, on any device.  Office 365 can also be downloaded on any of your personal devices.

With 1TB of OneDrive storage, you can keep all your work online for easy access. This will be offered to you free of charge for the duration of your course.

Please see Flyer attached for information on how to access and download Office 365.

On-site access

To access your college email for the first time you will need to select Google Chrome, this will display the college VLE Dashboard.

From here you should select Office 365, inputting your email as: U********

The User name required for this is displayed on your College ID card.

Your password is the same one used to log on to the network.

You will be required to select the correct time zone and save.

Once your email has been set up you can access it by searching Office 365 from any browser and logging in as usual.

Off-site access

You will need to go to the college website

Select students from the top right hand corner.

The student portal will load, you will need to select the @ icon highlighted below which will open office 365 and then log in with your student e-mail address and password.


Follow this link and authenticate with your student e-mail and password.

We recommend you check your email regularly as this is the official college communication channel also used by Learning Resources to send notifications, for example to advise availability of items you may have requested. 

Reserving a Computer in the Learning Resources

The computers in the LR Centres are generally available for you to use on a ‘drop-in’ basis.  However, should you wish, you may reserve a desktop computer in advance by using a computer system called MyPC.

You may access MyPC via the college VLE on or off-campus, from any computer, tablet or smart device that connects to the Internet.

Reserving a machine is particularly useful if you're making an special journey into college to use an LR machine, need to use specific software/equipment or wish to use a machine next to your classmates.

Please note:

  • If you do reserve a computer via MyPC, then it is important that you attend promptly for your booking.
  • Reservations are automatically cancelled if you are more than 10 minutes late.
  • We do have laptops and surface tablets available for use in the Centre however it is not possible to reserve these items.

Please see below for guides on how to use the MyPC system.

Click MyPC to reserve an item in a Learning Resource centre

Student Printing and Photocopying

At the start of your course, you will be credited with an initial print and photocopying allowance of £15

Printing/Photocopying charges: College Printer

One side of A4 black/white           =  1p

One side of A4 colour printing      =  5p

One side of A3 black/white           =  2p

One side of A3 colour printing      =  10p

If you use all of your initial allowance you may purchase a top-up from any LRC helpdesk.

Secure Print

All print/photocopying jobs will require ID authentication before being released.  Your Student ID card will need to be scanned at the front of a printer to release your work, alternatively you may input your details manually if you do not have your Student ID card with you. Instructions on how to complete the process are displayed at all printers in the centres, for any further assistance please ask a member of staff.

Cloud storage

Your personal storage area on the college network may be accessed via the internet by using WLC Cloud.

Off site access is available via

Select students from the top right hand corner.

You will need to select the   icon which will open your personal folders.