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General Referencing Guide: What is Referencing?

What is Referencing?

What is Referencing?

What is Referencing?


Whenever you produce a written assignment, you may wish to include pieces of information that you have obtained from sources such as books, journals and websites.  This is information that has been been produced by other authors or experts.


When your tutor reads your assignment, your tutor will need to know, which ideas are your own, and which ideas you have obtained from others.


The way in which this is achieved is by REFERENCING.  There are a number of formal methods of doing this.  Two popular methods are:

  • the Harvard method
  • the American Psychological Association method (APA) method

These two methods of referencing are quite similar, and both are used by students in our college.

If your tutor requires you to properly reference a piece of work, then your tutor will instruct you as to which method to use.

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