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Your Guide to Learning Resources: Facilities

Opening Times


Reserving a computer

Reserving a computer

If you wish, you  may make an advanced booking of a particular computer by using our online reservation system (MyPC).










Learning Zones

The LR Centres are openly accessible and so you may drop in whenever convenient to use the library service or IT facilities.

Our aim is to provide a comfortable and pleasant environment that is suitable for study. Please help us by observing the key rules:

  • Only plain water in a sealable bottle may be consumed. Strictly no food/snacks, fizzy drinks, hot beverages.
  • Work with minimal disruption to others.
  • Phones must not be used.
  • Your college must be visibly worn.


Quiet Study Areas

Our 'silent' working areas are for individual study. 






Meeting rooms (Parsons Walk)

Our new 'meeting' rooms at the Parsons Walk Centre are intended for group project work.

Please speak to a member of the LR team if you wish to use a meeting room. 


Laptop and Tablet PCs

Laptop and tablet PCs

College Laptops and Tablet PCs are available for you to borrow to use within the LR Centres. You are welcome to use these in the general and silent study areas. These devices connect wirelessly to the college network and therefore they give you direct access to your personal storage space on the network as well as printing facilities.

If you have a personal laptop / device then you may wirelessly connect your device to the college GUEST Wi-Fi service. Note that access to your college network storage area will only be possible via the WLC Cloud service. Note also,  that it is not possible to print from personal devices.