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Your Guide to Learning Resources: General Information

College Staff Information

This staff guide includes information on changing your network password, Staff ID card, requesting new book purchases and much much more.  If you have any suggestions or requests for additional information for this staff LibGuide please see any member of the Learning Resources team.

Your Network Account

To access the network you will receive your log on details from your line manager, this will be for example; 

username - jbloggs

password - initially issued to new staff by their line manager, this will need to be changed after the first log on.

All staff passwords expire after 90 days and will need to be reset, you will be prompted to reset your password.  This prompt will appear each time you log on for 14 days before expiration. 

If you require a change to an existing password, press cntl alt and delete and the option to change your password will appear.

If there are any further issues with your network access please speak to a member of the Learning Resources team and we will contact the technical services team on your behalf.

Reporting Faults

To report any fault whilst in a classroom, go to the Staff Portal and click the HELP DESK link.  This will

open the fault logging screen, select the log a call icon and complete relevant details. 

You will receive an update regarding your fault report.

Printer/Photocopying Allowance

Students are able to top up their printer allowance in Learning Resources, unfortunately staff are required to speak to their department head and ask for their allowance to be increased. Your account is credited on the 20th of every month.

All print/photocopying jobs will require ID authentication before being released.  Your staff ID card will need to be scanned at the front of a printer to release your work, alternatively you may input your details manually if you do not have your staff ID card with you.  Instructions on how to complete the process are displayed at all printers in the centres, for any further assistance please ask a member of staff.

Black and White Printing/Photocopying - 1p per side

Colour Printing/Photocopying - 5p per side

Booking PC's in any Learning Resource centres

Students and Staff are able to book any PC in Learning Resources, this will make sure a machine is always available when you require one.  Please ask in Learning Resources for more information or click the MyPc picture.

Staff ID Badge

All staff are required to wear a college ID badge.  New members of staff can call into their nearest Learning Resource Centre accompanied by their line manager to collect.

We will then capture your image and print your staff ID card.  This will enable you to gain entry to all college buildings, access to the printers/photocopiers and loan items from Learning Resources.

Car Park Registration

To park on the college car park all staff and students must register their vehicle.  To register your vehicle log onto any college computer and click the Car Park Registration link on the VLE dashboard.


Students & StaffPay and Display

In reception you will find a meter were you pay £1.00 and enter your registration number each time you park at college.


Staff - Pre-Paid

Staff Pre-paid option for car/van and motorcycles (available for college salaried employees only).

Staff must complete the form online and select the Pre-Paid option.  Both full and part time staff have the option of paying monthly with payment deducted from your salary.

Stationery Requests

A small amount of stationery can be ordered and recharged back to your department by completing the Stationery Order Form and handed into Learning Resources. 

If you want a large amount of stationery you are required to contact Allyson Watt the college librarian. 

Email -    

Phone - 761367 or extension 1367

Also don't forget to let your students know we have a large range of stationery items for sale.

Learning Resource Centres - designated areas

Learning Resources has dedicated areas within each Centre for different types of working - Group work, Individual work area, Quiet study area, Silent study area, and also designated HE area/room.

Please ask a member of the Learning Resources team for details.