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Learning Resources

Learning Resources have created a variety of video guides to help you use our services, use the links below to access.

Click and Collect

A short video showing you how to use the online library catalogue to find/reserve an item, and specify the Learning Resource Centre at which you want to pick it up. 

Click & Collect Handout

Cloud Storage

As a student of the college, you are provided with a storage area, this is called the ‘w’ drive, and it can store up to 500 mg of data.  This short video shows you how to access your w drive from home.

'W' Drive Access Handout

College Email

How to access your college email from college or home.

College email Handout

Credo Reference

 A short video introducing Credo Reference which provides access to thousands of articles from reference sources such as encyclopedias and dictionaries.  A great place to find overviews and background information for your studies.

Credo Handout

Discovering LibGuides

Why not spend 5 minutes of your time watching this really useful video.  Shows you what support material is available to help you through your course at Wigan & Leigh College with a quick helpful quiz at the end.


Thousands of eBooks are available for you free of charge as a student of Wigan & Leigh College.  This short video shows you how to view them online.

Library Catalogue

Why not save your feet and use the library catalogue to easily search for thousands of books, ebooks, magazines.


It is now possible for you to reserve your own computer within Learning Resources and look for available specific use machines (e.g. one with specialised software)  This is easy to do, and can be done from your college account or from home.  This short video shows you how.

MyPc Handout

Office 365

This short video shows you how to access Word, Excel, Powerpoint, your college email (outlook) and your OneDrive online storage plus how to download for free Office 365.

Office 365 Handout


 Whenever you produce a written assignment, you may wish to include pieces of information that you have obtained from sources such as books, journals and websites.  This is information that has been produced by other authors or experts.  This short video shows you how to reference this information.

Smart Search Tool

The smart search tool enables you to search through thousands of books, ebooks, journals, e-resource databases all from one location.

Reading Ahead

Reading Ahead challenges you to pick six reads and record, rate and review them in a personal reading diary.  After completing your diary you receive a certificate and small gift. 

The challenge isn't just about books - newspapers, magazines, poems, websites all count too! The aim is that you try something new and discover that reading can be a pleasure.

Ask any member of the Learning Resources team if you require any help.

If you have any suggestions for videos to add to our BiteSize page please email us at

Thank You

Your Learning Resources Team