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General Referencing Guide: Good Referencing Practice

Good Referencing Practice

Good Referencing Practice

Good Referencing Practice

undefinedReferencing is an important part of your assignment and you may lose marks if the standard of your referencing is poor.


Please make sure that;

  • you are using the correct referencing method as required by your tutor.
  • you know which style of referencing you are using (there are a number of different Harvard styles) and know where to look for examples / guidance (use the correct style guide).
  • your references are properly punctuated and that your referencing style is consistent.
  • If you are using the Harvard method, that you check with your tutor whether or not you should include a reference list and/or a bibliography.
  • all of your in-text citations have corresponding references in the reference list / bibliography.
  • you check your references carefully before submitting your work.


Remember that good referencing takes time and should not be a rushed.

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