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General Referencing Guide: Mendeley Reference Manager


Mendeley is a reference management software used by researchers, academics, and students to organize, share, and cite research papers and other documents. It allows users to collect and store articles, papers, and other research materials in a centralized digital library. Mendeley also offers tools for annotating, highlighting, and adding notes to documents, making it easier to extract key information.

One of its prominent features is its ability to generate citations and bibliographies in various citation styles. It assists in creating citations within documents, papers, and theses, saving time and ensuring accuracy in referencing. Additionally, Mendeley enables collaboration by allowing users to share and collaborate on research projects, facilitating communication and teamwork among researchers.

It supports multiple platforms, including desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux), web, and mobile devices, offering seamless access to research libraries across different devices. Mendeley's combination of reference management, document organization, citation generation, and collaboration features makes it a valuable tool in the academic and research community.

Mendeley Reference Manager