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Harvard Referencing Guide: Images - Online Figure

Images - Online Figure

Images - Online Figure

Images - Online Figure

Online Figure


Images fall into two broad categories. These are ;


Figures.  These include photographs, illustrations, drawings, diagrams, logos, graphs and maps etc.

Tables.    These are simply word/numbers that are displayed in orderly rows as columns such as a spreadsheet.

If you include an image in your work, and have not created it yourself, then of course you will need to properly reference it.


A reference to an online image will generally require the following elements:

  • Photographer / creator          
  • Year the image was created       (in round brackets)
  • Title of the photograph               (in italics)
  • Available at:                                URL
  • (Accessed: date)
When you reference an image, you should:
  • Include a caption with a number and in-text citation -  below the image for a figure but above the image for a table.
  • Make a reference to the image at the relevant point in your text.
  • Include a full reference in your Reference List/Bibliography



Example - A photograph from the internet

















In-text citation

In July 1969, the powerful Apollo rocket spectacularly launched from the USA Kennedy Space Centre carrying astronauts to the moon for the very first time (see Figure 3).



Full reference for the Reference List / Bibliography

NASA (1969) The launch of Apollo 11. Available at: (Accessed: 26 March 2019).


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