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Harvard Referencing Guide: Long Quotations

Direct Quotations - Long

Direct Quotations - Long

Long Quotations

If you wish to insert a long quotation (more than three lines of text) into your work:

  • Enter the quotation as a separate paragraph.
  • Indent the paragraph.
  • Do not use quotation marks.
  • Leave a blank line above, and below the quotation.




In-text citation

Logan describes the Einsteinian vew of time as being merely the relationship between different events:

If there were no events in the universe, then there would be no time.  We have all, no doubt, experienced this concept psychologically.  When nothing is happening to us, we lose our sense of time.  Those who have spent long periods of time underground with nothing to do lose their sense of time altogether.  We are most aware of time when we have a great number of things we must do (Logan, 2010, p. 456).

The most important concept presented here is that time itself does not have an independent existence.  It only exists because ...



Full reference for the Reference List / Bibliography

Logan, R.K. (2010) Poetry of physics and the physics of poetry. London: World Scientific.

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