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Harvard Referencing Guide: Images - Figure from a book

Images from Books

Images - From Books

Figure from a book

Figure from a book



Images fall into two broad categories. These are ;


Figures.  These include photographs, illustrations, drawings, diagrams, logos, graphs and maps etc.

Tables.    These are simply word/numbers that are displayed in orderly rows as columns such as a spreadsheet.


If you include an image in your work, and have not created it yourself, then of course you will need to properly reference it.
When you reference an image, you should :
  • Include a caption with a number and in-text citation -  below the image for a figure but above the image for a table.
  • Make a reference to the image at the relevant point in your text.
  • Include a full reference in your Reference List/Bibliography


A reference to an image from a book will generally require the following elements:

  • Author of the book          
  • Year of publication                     (in round brackets)
  • Title of the book                         (in italics)
  • Place of publication: Publisher



































In-text citation

As can be seen from the illustration (see Figure 2), the plumage of a tawny owl is an intricate mix of black, white, brown and grey which provides the bird with excellent camouflage.


Full reference for the Reference List / Bibliography



Harrap, S. (2012) RSPB Pocket guide to British birds. 2nd edn. London: Bloomsbury Publishing.


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