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Harvard Referencing Guide: Referencing Example

Referencing Example

Referencing Example

Referencing Example


You may obtain information from many different types of sources.  For example; printed text books, web sites, online journal articles, TV broadcasts, seminars, YouTube videos, newspapers and so on...

The way in which you include an in-text citation in your work is largely independent of the type of source.  Consider the following example:


In-text citation


Population growth, and rising expectations in living standards have both had a major influence on the changes that have occurred in Britain since the Second Wold War (Black, 2011).


In this typical example, the in-text citation only identifies the author's surname and year of publication.  The full details of the source will be presented in the Reference List / Bibliography.


Full reference for the Reference List / Bibliography


Black, J. (2011) Overview: Britain from 1945 onwards. Available at: (Accessed 11 December 2018).


Clearly, the way in which individual references are presented in the Reference List will depend on the source type.  The aim of this guide is to help you to create references for the most common types.  For less common types, you may wish to refer to the 10th Edition of the Cite Them Right textbook.

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