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Harvard Referencing Guide: Computer Program

Computer Program

Computer Program

Computer Program

Computer Program


A reference for a computer program generally requires the following elements:

  • Author   (if given)
  • Date      (if given, in round brackets)
  • Title of the program (in italics and capitalise the initial letters)
  • Version (in round brackets)
  • [Computer program]
  • Availability, that is distributor, address, order number (if given)

OR, if downloaded from the internet:

  • Available at: URL

  • (Downloaded: date)
















In-text citation

Camtasia Studio (TechSmith, 2019) can be used to produce video presentations which include recordings from a video camera, still images, voice recordings and powerpoint slides.



Full reference for the Reference List /  Bibliography

TechSmith Corporation (2019) Camtasia Studio (Version 2019) [Computer program]. Available at: (Downloaded: 6 June 2019).


Computer Games / Programs



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