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Harvard Referencing Guide: Journal Article - Printed

Journal Article - Printed

Journal Article - Printed

Journal Article - Printed

Journal Article - Printed


An article from a printed journal article will generally comprise the following elements:


  • Author of the article                  (surname followed by initials)
  • Year of publication                    (in round brackets)
  • Title of the article                      (in single quotation marks)
  • Title of the journal                     (in italics - capitalise the first letter of each word except linking words such                                                                         as and, of, the, for)
  • Issue information                      volume (without brackets), and, where applicable, part number,month or                                                                             season (all in round brackets)
  • Page reference                         (if available)



Example - Journal Article - Printed


Front Cover Article (Pages 18 & 19)



In-text citation


Although many heating engineers have the ability to install a heat network by following the basic instructions on a drawing, they may not fully understand the hydronic principles on which it is based (Parry, 2019).


Full reference for the Reference List/Bibliography


Parry, G. (2019) 'Train for the future', Modern Building Services, 15(9), pp.18-19.


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