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Harvard Referencing Guide: Artwork






A reference to a piece of art generally requires the following elements: 

  • The name of the artist.
  • The year that the artwork was completed. 
  • The title of the artwork.
  • A description of the medium or format in square brackets. 
  • The name of the institution housing the artwork.
  • The location of the institution


Or, if seen online,

  • Available at : URL
  • (Accessed: date)



​Example: Oil painting on canvas





In-text citation

The panoramic image presents a magnificent impression of an urban environment, dominated by smoking chimneys, factories, roads, bridges and industrial wasteland. (Lowry, 1955).



Full reference for the Reference List

Lowry, L.S. (1955) Industrial landscape [Oil painting on canvas]. Tate Britain, London.

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