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Harvard Referencing Guide: Newspaper Article - Printed

Newspaper Article - Printed

Newspaper Article - Printed

Newspaper Article - Printed

A reference for an article in a printed newspaper generally requires the following elements:

  • Author of the article
  • Year of publication (in round brackets)
  • Title of the article (in single quotation marks)
  • Title of the newspaper (in italics - capitalise the first letter of each word in the title except for linking words such as and, of, the, for)
  • Edition (if required - in round brackets)
  • Day and month
  • Page reference (if available)



















In-text citation


Just a few weeks before the United Kingdom was scheduled to leave the European Union, the Prime Minister of the UK stated that if necessary, she was prepared for the UK to leave without any formal deal in place (Radnedge, 2019).




Full reference for the Reference List / Bibliography


Radnedge, A. (2019)  'All bar none... PM insists no-deal is still on the table', Metro, 14 February, p. 4.

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