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Harvard Referencing Guide: Reference List / Bibliography

Reference List / Bibliography

Reference List / Bibliography

Bibliographies and Reference Lists

Reference List / Bibliography


You will need to provide a list that contains the full details of the sources of information that you have cited in the main body of your work.  This list will appear in the form of a Reference List or Bibliography and will be placed at the end of your assignment .

A Reference List  should only contain details of the sources that you have actually cited (with in-text citations) within the body of your work.

Bibliography on the other hand, should, strictly speaking, contain details of the sources of information that you have cited in the body of your work, plus details of any other source material that you have used to help you to complete your assignment (for example, for general background reading), but not actually cited within the body of your work.

It is common practice for tutors to ask students to include either a Reference List or a Bibliography at the end of their assignments.

However, some tutors actually prefer their students to include a Reference List that contains details of the sources that have actually been cited in the body of the assignment, plus, a separate Bibliography that lists just the additional (non-cited) sources that have been used!

Please make sure that you ask you tutor what is required!

Compiling your Bibliography / Reference List

Creating Your Reference List / Bibliography


The references in your Reference List / Bibliography should be listed in alphabetic author.  As most of your references will begin with the surname of the author, most of your entries in your list will appear in surname author.



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