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Harvard Referencing Guide: Blog Post

Blog Post

Blog Post

Blog Post

Blog Post


The word blog comes from web log ! It is a type of website that relates to a particular topic of interest, and in which the content is frequently updated, or added to with additional articles, comments or 'posts'. 

There may be one or more authors/contributors to a blog, and sometimes, comments posted may represent personal opinion rather than actual facts.  For this reason, it makes sense to take a little extra care when evaluation the accuracy of the information it contains.

The pieces of information contained in the blog tend to be displayed in the order in which they are posted, with the most recently posted appearing first. 

A reference to a blog will generally require the following elements:

  • Author of the message  (use the name which is actually shown on the blog. This may be a first name/alias) 
  • Year that the site was published / last updated.Title of the message (in single quotation marks)
  • Title of the internet site (in italics)
  • Day/month of posted message
  • Available at: URL
  • (Accessed: date)


















In-text citation

Due to its rapidly developing economy, it is expected that the demand for power in India will triple by the year 2040 (Zhang, 2019).


Full reference for the Reference List / Bibliography

Zhang, F. (2019) ‘What’s keeping India in the dark?’ World Bank blogs, 31 January. Available at: (Accessed: 11 February 2019).


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