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The Learning Resources Guide: Opening Times

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LR Centre Opening Times

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The interactive table above displays the opening times for each LR Centre.

Please note:

  • The three LR Centres do not operate identical opening times.  For example, you will usually find that during term time, the Parson's Walk LR Centre will be open three evening per week  (until 7.00 pm),  whilst the Leigh LR Centre will normally be open just one or two evenings per week.

  • Ten minutes before a Centre is scheduled to close, the computers will automatically log off from the network!  Make sure that you save your work and print your documents (if required) before your computer is logged off from the network.

  • It will occasionally be necessary to open a centre later (or close earlier) than the normal schedule.  Such changes will be displayed at the entrance to the Centre.

  • Please help the LR staff by making sure that you 'check-out' any items that you wish to borrow (eg. books, a laptop PC) at least ten minutes before the Centre is scheduled to close.