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The Learning Resources Guide: Introduction

Online Resources

Online Resources

As a student (or staff member) of the college you have access to a wide range of professionally managed and edited online information resources. These include books, journals, article databases and specific subject-focused sources.

As you can probably imagine, with each passing year, the resources that are available online, play an increasingly important role in providing our learners with up-to-date, reliable and relevant  information.

The LR team have a strong commitment to promoting these resources  and supporting our learners in their use.

Please feel free to ask a member of the LR team for any support that you require.   If you wish, you may book a one-to-one training session with a member of the LR Team.

If you are a tutor or course manager, you are very welcome to book workshop sessions for your group(s).

One-to-one and group workshop training sessions may may be booked by use of our 'libcal' online booking system.

Key Advantages of using our Online Resources

Advantages of using our Online Resources


There are a number of advantages to using our online resources. Generally speaking:

  • These are professionally managed, presented and reviewed. The information provided is considered accurate and trustworthy.
  • The same resources will be used by many other colleges and universities and so any user skills that you develop will be transferable should you remain in education.
  • Some of the resources provide useful search features that allow you to easily build powerful search strategies.
  • Search results will be free of the annoying and unnecessary clutter that often results when using popular search engines such as Google.
  • Many of our online resources have useful features that make it easy to:
    • Reference the source (eg Harvard, APA) the source.
    • Share an article (e.g. via email).
    • Save and organise search results into folders.
    • Produce topic mind-maps
  • Some of the available information would be very difficult to obtain freely by general web browsing.


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