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The Learning Resources Guide: One to One Support

One to One Support Sessions

One to One Support Sessions

Most of the support that is provided by the LR team takes place on a very ad-hoc impromptu basis. That is, learners who work in a LR Centre, simply approach the Help Desk and ask for assistance whenever they need to.  This works perfectly fine for support that requires just a few minutes, for example, how to scan a document, or, how to use the library catalogue to search for a book. 

However, we recognise that sometimes, a learner may require much more than this, as maybe the case, for example, if a learner had never used a computer before and needed help to log onto the network and understand the basics of using the hardware and software.

To help us to provide the essential level of support to cater for this, the LR Team offer learners the opportunity to request one-to-one support sessions with a member of the LR team.  A typical session will be booked in advance and may last for up to an hour at a time.  Of course, an individual is not restricted to a single support session.

One-to-One session are informal and conducted at a comfortable pace.     

An important point to note is that the LR Team do not produce a list of one-to-one session topics from which to choose. Learners are simply required to state their requirements when requesting support. The LR Team will do their best to provide support.

If you feel that you may benefit by attending a one-to-one support session with a member of the LR team, then please speak to a member of the LR Team, or simply book a session using the online (LibCal) service booking system.

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