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The Learning Resources Guide: Group Training Sessions

Group Training Sessions

Group Training Sessions


Tutors may book group training sessions with a member of the LR Team.  Booking may be made at the Help Desk or by using the Online Service Booking System (LibCal).

The list of session titles that are currently on offer are;



Session Title Description Duration
Induction A Tour of the LRC with a member of the Team who will provide essential narrative relating to the LR Service and the available resources. 10 Minutes
LibGuides An overview of our Libguide platform. During the presentation, the Staff member will stress the key points relation to the service provision. 1 Hour
'Crime Scene Investigation' (CSI) This is a popular and engaging session in which learners are required to work in groups and use a range of available online resources to solve the mystery of whodoneit! 1 Hour
EDatabases Learners will be introduced to the key online resources that support their learning via their Subject LibGuide.   1 Hour
'Escape Room' This is our latest addition to our session portfolio and is another engaging scenario-based activity in which learners are required to use a range of online resources to complete a mission. 1 Hour
Harvard Referencing

The session is designed to inform learners of the reasons for referencing as well as the method of referencing according to 'Cite-Them-Right' Harvard standard.

1 Hour
APA Referencing  The session is designed to inform learners of the reasons for referencing as well as the method of referencing according to the American Psychological Association standard. 1 Hour

Pearson Resources

This session is aimed at those students that are working towards Pearson approved qualifications. Students will be introduced to the Pearson website which provides access to course related eBooks.  45 Minutes
1-2-1 Support Students (and staff) may book an informal appointment with a member of the LR team to cover specific research/and or other study skills. Popular requests include basic IT skills and accessing online resources.  1 Hour
Reading Ahead 'Reading Ahead' is a national reading promotion initiative that is run by the Reading Agency. To obtain a certificate, participants are required to read, log and comment on six publications which may, for example,  be a book, a poem, or an article from a newspaper, website or journal.  Reading Ahead is open to all college students but it is particularly popular with our ESOL and Foundation Level learners.  30 Minutes
Academic Study Skills - Made Easy An interactive session where students will identify aspects  of their studying habits requiring development. Students will  improve their metacognitive awareness, learning practical strategies to help with a range of academic study skills including: time management, note taking and higher order reading skills. [HE students only] 1 hour
Underpinning Academic Success This session will help students develop the skills and confidence needed to be expert and resilient learners.  Students will take part in a range of activities designed to help them manage their expectations, set realistic goals and increase their motivation to succeed. [HE students only] 1 hour

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