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The Learning Resources Guide: Printing and photopying

Printing, Photocopying and Scanning

Your printing account and initial allowanceCollege Printer

When you enrolled onto your course, a print account was automatically created for you and your account was credited with an initial allowance to help cover the cost of printing and photocopying.  The initial allowance is currently set to £15.00.  If necessary, you may purchase additional print credit at any LR Centre help desk.



Printing and photocopying charges

When you print or photocopy, your print account will be debited (approximately) as follows:

One side of A4 black/white          =         1p

One side of A4 colour                  =         5p

One side of A3 black/white          =         2p

One side of A3                             =        10p


Secure Printing, Copying and Scanning

The LR Centres are equipped with Konica multifunction printers which allow you to print, copy and scan documents.  Each printer is fitted with a card reader so that you may easily log into your print account with your college card.

You will need to log into your account whenever you wish to copy / scan a document, or, print a document that you have sent from a computer.  This can be very easily achieve by simply presenting your college card to a scanning device at the front of the printer.  You may also log in by entering your network username and password via an onscreen keyboard.  

When you do send a document for printing, it will remain securely locked in a queue on the print server until you log into your account and release it.  You may release and print your document from any of the Konica multifunction printers.


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