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The Learning Resources Guide: Library Books

Library Books (Staff)

Book Stock Management (Staff)

Requesting Book Purchases

Book Requests

If there are specific books that you you feel would benefit your students then please add the details to this form and forward it to Allyson Watt (our Librarian).

Student Reading Lists

Reading Lists

If you provide your students with a list of recommended reading titles then please also pass on a copy to Allyson Watt (our Librarian, via so that she may assess our current stock levels and consider for purchase.

Book Stock Evaluation

Book Stock Evaluation

To ensure that our books contain up-to-date and relevant information, it is often necessary for us to withdraw obsolete and irrelevant titles from the shelves.

For this important task, we usually seek the support of course managers / tutors.

If you are a course manager/tutor, please feel free to speak to a member of the LR Team to arrange a joint inspection of our book stock that is relevant to your course area, so that we may be better able to remove any titles that are no longer properly supportive to our learners.

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