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The Learning Resources Guide: Staff Car Parking

Staff Car Parking

Registering your vehicle


If you wish to make use of the college car parks then you must first register your vehicle : 



Payment Options

You may chose from two payment options.

  • Prepaid  - this simply means that a regular monthly amount will be deducted from your salary to provide unlimited (within normal college hours) use of the college car parks.
  • 'Pay and display' - The wording is slightly confusing as there is nothing to actually display!.  Each day that you make use of a car park you must pay a daily fee. This is currently just one pound.   There is a payment meter situated close to each main reception area within the Parson's Walk, Pagefield  and Leigh Adult Learning Centres.
  • Please note that you must pay the daily parking charge before removing your vehicle from the car park otherwise you will receive a fine by the car park management company.  The daily parking fee lasts for the whole day and allows you to drive away and return, (or even drive to, and use, another college car park in the same day).
  • To avoid receiving a fine you must pay the daily fee before you exit the first car park that you use.

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