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The Learning Resources Guide: Laptop Caddies

Laptop Caddies

Laptop Caddies

Each LR Centre has a number of laptop caddies that may be booked (via the LibCal booking system)  for class use.  Caddy capacities range  from 9 laptops to 20.

If you wish to borrow  a caddy for your class can you please remember to:

  • Collect it on time. - Your reservation will be automatically deleted 15 minutes after the scheduled  pickup time. You will need to collect the key from the LR Centre help desk.
  • Check that each laptop is correctly connected to its own power supply unit before returning the key.
  • Return the caddy on time - another group may be waiting.
  • Cancel your booking if you no longer need it.
  • If you need to book a caddy to use with two (or more) consecutive lessons, and wish to keep hold of the caddy throughout the entire period, then simply make a single  booking to cover the entire period!  If you make separate bookings for each lesson then the system will expect you to return the caddy at the end of each lesson and re-check it out for the next lesson.   Failure to check in and out inbetween lessons will mean that the caddy will not be booked out for your second and subsequent lessons and consequently the bookings will auto-delete. 

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