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The Learning Resources Guide: Your Subject LibGuide

Y,our Subject LibGuide

Your Subject LibGuide

To help you to identify and access the key online resources to support your learning, we have created a number of subject-focused LibGuides which contain links to the relevant resources.

There is a Subject Guide for each major subject area.


How to Access your Subject LibGuide

You will find a link to LigGuides on the VLE Dashboard as shown here.




You may notice that our LibGuides homepage contains a link to 'Subject Guides'. 


















If you click the link to Subject Guides, an A-Z list of over 40 different guide titles will be displayed which are available for you to use.

As their name suggests, each guide contain information, and links to the key resources, that support that specific subject area.

You are welcome to make use of any of the Subject Guides, and so for example, if you are a Sports Management student, you may be interested in the guides for Sport, Management, Business and Health & Safety. 




Subject Guide Example - Health & Social Care
















Subject Guide for Health & Social Care



All of the subject guides are similar in structure.  As you can see, the homepage of the guide contains a number of tabs to help you navigate the guide;



We strongly recommend that you access, and familiarise yourself with the Subject Guide that specifically supports your course of study.   Feel free to ask a member of the LT team for assistance if required.



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