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The Learning Resources Guide: Photo Gallery


Parsons Walk LRC

The Help Desk

At the Help Desk you can obtain support from a friendly member of the LR team, check out/in library items, borrow a laptop for home or Centre use, purchase stationary items and obtain a college card.

General Work Area

Suitable for individual or group work. You may borrow a laptop computer from the help desk to use at one of the tables.


Bookable Rooms (Currently Unavailable)

Small bookable rooms are available for students and staff to book.  Each room is equipped with an interactive white board. Theses are ideal for group project work and meetings. The rooms can be booked via the online booking system or simply by asking at the Help Desk.



Quiet Study Areas

The Quiet study areas may be used by individuals who wish to work alone and without the possible distraction of nearby conversations. 

Journals and Magazines

A selection of magazines and journals are available for you to borrow. The normal loan period is 7 days.




The normal loan period for textbooks is 4-weeks (note that some are '7-day' items,  and some are 'Reference Only' items as indicated by labels on their spines.

A book loan will auto-renew twice unless another borrower places a reservation on it.

Work areas with power sockets.

Ideal for use with a laptop or other portable device.

Book Security System

All items that are borrowed from the LR Centre (eg. books, magazines and laptop computers) must be properly 'checked-out' by a member of the LR staff at the Help Desk.  The security alarm will trigger if an item passes through that has not been properly 'checked out' by the LR staff at the Help Desk.


Most of the computers in the LR Centres use Microsoft Windows.  However, both the Parsons Walk and Leigh Centres are equipped with a small number of Apple iMac computers which use the IOS operating system. The IMacs are available for anyone to use.

Multi-Function Printers

Each LR Centre is equipped with a Konica Minolta Multi-printer which allows you to print, copy and scan documents.  Whenever you scan a document it will usually be automatically sent to your college email address.

The 'Library Catalogue' PC

You may access the Library Catalogue, LibGuides, LibCal and MyPC via any computer or smart device (both on and off campus) that has an Internet connection.  However, for added convenience, each LR Centre has a dedicated computer that provides you with immediate access to these services without the need for you to log a PC onto the network.  Please ask a member of the LR Team for assistance if you require.

General Work Area

The recently refurbished LR Centre at Parson's Walk is modern and stylish.

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