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The Learning Resources Guide: Introduction

Main Intro

The Learning Resource Centres - Introduction


There are three LR Centres. These are located in the:

  • Parsons Walk Centre (Wigan)
  • Pagefield Centre (Wigan
  • Leigh College Campus (Leigh Sports Village)

You are welcome to use any of the Centres but do remember that the books that are on the shelves in each Centre have generally been selected to support the courses that are running on that campus.


Each LR Centre provides:

  • A library service which includes borrowable laptop computers.
  • Information Technology - desktop, laptop and tablet computers. 
  • Internet access.
  • Printing, scanning and copying facilities
  • College card printing.
  • Inexpensive stationery and pen-drives
  • Support from experienced and helpful staff.
  • A variety of work places to cater for your workstyle preference, i.e. group, quiet and silent. The Parson's Walk Centre even has a number of small bookable rooms that students (and staff) may book for group activities.


Our aim is to provide safe, comfortable and friendly working environments that are suitable for learning and study. The LR Centres are not common rooms.

The Centres operate with a few important rules:

  • It is expected that students visibly wear their college card when using a LR Centre.
  • Mobile phones must not be used for verbal communication or for playing any media that contains sound unless earphones are used.
  • Only plain bottled water in a sealable bottle may be consumed.  Snacks, food and all other drinks are forbidden.
  • Areas that are identified as 'silent' or 'quiet' work spaces must be respected.
  • All users must work with a minimal disruption to others..

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