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The Learning Resources Guide: Computers



College Desktops, Laptops and Tablet PCs are available for you to use within the LR Centres.

College laptops and tablets connect wirelessly to the college network and therefore they also give you direct access to your personal storage space on the network as well as printing facilities.

If you have a personal laptop / device then you may wirelessly connect your device to the college GUEST Wi-Fi service. Note that access to your college network storage area will only be possible via the WLC Cloud service. Note also,  that it is not possible to print from personal devices.

Laptop loans

Laptop Loans

The LRCs have a number of laptop computers that are available for students to borrow and use at home.

If you wish to borrow a laptop for home use, you will be required to complete and sign a 'loan agreement form'.   If you are under 18 years old, your form will need to be signed by a parent/guardian or tutor.'

The normal loan period for a laptop is seven weeks.    Please remember that demand for home-use laptops can be very high so if you do borrow a laptop, you must make sure that it is returned before its due back date has expired.

If you would like to use the laptop for longer than the initial seven weeks,  you may request a loan renewal.  Do remember though that renewals cannot be guaranteed and that the laptop must be returned to the LRC for inspection before a renewal can be arranged.  The standard renewal period for a laptop is two weeks.

Prior to returning the laptop, please make sure that you have copied your work to a safe place.  Any files that are left on the laptop will be automatically deleted once the laptop has been returned to us.

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