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The Learning Resources Guide: Your Computer Network Account

Staff Computer Network Account

Staff Computer Network Accounts


Logging-on to the network

To log onto the computer network you will need to enter a username and a password.

If you are a new members of staff, these will normally be provided by your line manager, but it may also be possible to obtain them from the Help Desk at any of the Learning Resource Centres.



A staff member's username will normally comprise the first one or two letters of their first name followed by all of the letters of the surname without any spaces or punctuation.


eg:            jobloggs              dbeckham



Once you have logged on to the network with the issued password you should change it.


Changing your password

You may change your network password anytime simply by pressing the Ctrl / Alt / Del keys, and then selecting the  'Change a password'  option from the menu.


Your chosen password will expire after about 90 days and will need to reset it.




Forgotten Passwords

If you forget your network password, then please contact the Learning Resources Help Desk.



Logging-off the network

To protect your work, you must make sure that you log yourself off the network once you have finished your work.

One way of doing this is to simply press the Ctrl, Alt, Delete keys, and then selecting the 'Sign out' option from the menu.






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